Catch 33 1/3 - Feel Your Way Through Music

Cover Image Chronicles Ocean

Chronicles: The Ocean

Embark on an auditory journey with my new podcast format Chronicles: a brief escape into captivating soundscapes, travel tales, and personal musings. The debut episode revolves around the sound of the ocean and comes to you from the beautiful Canary Island Lanzarote.

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Cover Image Patience

Episode #2: Patience

In this episode we'll explore patience as a feeling and connections between patience and music. Does music help us become patient? And when does music require our patience? We talk about mindfulness, why music on hold sounds so awful, and how patience isn't always a virtue.

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Cover Image Nostalgia Part I

Episode #1: Nostalgia (Part I)

In this episode we'll explore the origins of the word “nostalgia” and its connection to a strange “wasting disease” of Swiss mercenary soldiers in the 17th century. I will also talk about the positive effects of nostalgia and the feeling of impossibility that nostalgia induces. Music, of course, plays a central role in each case. This is part one of a double feature episode.

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Cover Image Nostalgia Part II

Episode #1: Nostalgia (Part II)

In this episode we'll continue our exploration of musical nostalgia. I will take you back to the years of your youth and to the swinging 1930s in Latvia. I will also try to answer the question if there is music that is inherently nostalgic. This is the second part of a double feature episode.

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About This Podcast

Podcast Catch 33 1/3 Cover Image
If seeing is believing, listening is feeling. "Catch 33 ⅓ - Feel Your Way Through Music" explores the fascinating connections between music and emotions one song at a time.
Imagine a call-in radio show about music that's both entertaining and educating, that expands your appreciation of music's emotional side and the musical side of emotions. Each episode is filled with trivia and anecdotes, hidden musical gems, and original compositions.
But most importantly, this podcast features you! You may leave me a voicemail on Speakpipe to talk about the episode's theme or anything else that's on your mind. You can record up to 90 seconds directly from your computer or phone, and it's free (when you hit send, you agree to your audio being featured on the show).

Listen to "Catch 33 ⅓" right here or wherever you listen to podcasts.



Meet The Host: Annie Mondegreen

Annie Mondegreen
I'm a singer-songwriter and (armchair) traveling musician. Music is my passion and has been ever since I started playing and studying classical guitar music when I was ten years old. Today, I sing and play the guitar to perform my own original music. I'm an independent musician and I love the immediacy of a live performance, whether that's a studio recording or my musical postcards filmed around the globe.
Besides hosting this podcast, I'm also reading around the world in 18 Sleuths. I combine reading crime fiction with other forms of armchair traveling, for instance, with listening through the respective countries' music histories. I started doing live listening parties on Instagram to highlight my favorite musical discoveries from each country. Subscribe to my newsletter to become part of this journey.


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